Double Good Popcorn Review

Double Good sets the bar high, distinguishing itself among gourmet popcorn brands. It transcends the old-fashioned cheap stuff while maintaining its redeeming qualities. The variety of flavors will leave aficionados with a mouthwatering desire. Beyond taste, the charitable focus of the brand is admirable, steering clear of false promises. Say goodbye to white cheddar tasting like salted cardboard; Double Good’s options are incredibly flavorful, fluffy, and boast a satisfying crunch. Each kernel feels fresh, inviting you to keep dipping your hand back in. This guide offers a rundown of why Double Good popcorn is a must-have for your next movie night.

Who Is Double Good Popcorn?

Double Good is not just another name in the popcorn industry; it’s a journey that began in 1998 as a popcorn chain selling to national retailers. However, in 2003, the brand took a dramatic turn. This wasn’t just about snacks anymore. Double Good boldly split its focus between traditional popcorn and fundraising. Their aim was to bring more joy to more people, and they’ve been doing it right out of their Burr Ridge factory, popping an astounding 15,000 pounds of popcorn every single day.

Their flavors are a delightful spectrum, ranging from the salty to the sweet, the simple to the surprisingly complicated. Each batch is freshly popped to order and doused in delicious flavorings, ensuring that every bite is as gourmet as it gets. This is popcorn redefined, a blend of tradition and innovation, where every kernel tells a story of change and commitment.

Double Good isn’t just a name; it’s a promise of goodness in every pop.

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The first thing that strikes you about Double Good is the impressive amount of flavors they have crafted. From the sweet whispers of caramel to the salty embrace of classic popcorn, the fiery zest of spiced variants, and the comforting cheesy goodness, there’s a flavor for practically anybody. I can’t possibly cover all they have to offer, but I can certainly introduce you to some of our absolute favorites. These are the flavors that got our mouths watering when we tried them, the ones we dreamed about for days after.

Sergeant Salt & Pepper

Let’s start with the basics: Sergeant Salt & Pepper is probably the closest thing Double Good does to plain popcorn. This flavor gives you a better idea about the quality underneath. With the eye-catching, crazy flavors often found in gourmet popcorn, it’s possible to drown out bad with good flavoring. But with Sergeant Salt & Pepper, there’s no place to hide. Luckily, they have nothing that needs to hide. It tastes freshly popped, light, crisp, with none of the stale cardboard texture you find in bad popcorn. A zing of black pepper complements the saltiness, used in just the right balance, making it not overly powerful but a simple crowd pleaser for everyday enjoyment.

Butter Believe It

Butter, the quintessential popcorn flavor, often tends to get overlooked by gourmet makers, but not at Double Good. Their creation, aptly named Butter Believe It, is a creamy, salty ode to nostalgia. This classic flavor tastes just like all the best memories of popcorn. If you’ve ever used to eagerly head to the movies every weekend for the latest release with a big bucket of buttery popcorn, this flavor will bring these memories rushing back. But don’t worry, the appeal of Butter Believe It isn’t just nostalgia.

The blend of buttery flavoring with light kernels makes it a hit even if you think of yourself as more of a nacho person. Enjoy it curled up with a blockbuster, a blanket, and a soda for the ultimate experience.

Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy

Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy was created by accident, and we’re forever grateful for those butter fingers at the Double Good factory. Rather than coating plain popcorn with cheese, a forgetful worker accidentally coated it with caramel. The result? A savory-sweet mixture that works so well, you’ll want to start adding it to grilled cheeses. This sweet and salty classic flavor combination takes popcorn to the next level. Each kernel is coated in both, so you get a hit of playful contradiction with every bite.

Cheese and caramel may seem a little strange at first, but you’ll soon understand the hype. This offering is perfect for sharing with the adventurous eater in your life, transforming a simple snack into a culinary adventure.

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In Queso Fire

When we talk about the flavors of Double Good, In Queso Fire stands out as a clear winner. It’s the perfect balance of just the right hit of spice, brilliantly cut through with creamy cheddar, and complemented by onion and garlic. This is the kind of popcorn you tuck into as a movie starts, and you’ll likely have finished by the time the establishing shots are just about establishing themselves.

Yes, it’s really that good. There is plenty of color to this, which can result in orange-tipped fingers. It’s a small price to pay for the spice and queso goodness, but a warning – if you agree to share a bag with anyone else, there’s no sneakily eating In Queso Fire. Its irresistible taste makes it a communal favorite, sure to be devoured in minutes.

White Cheddar Go Getter

Cheesy and salty, with a generous helping of flavor, White Cheddar Go Getter is perhaps the greatest white cheddar popcorn around. It actually tastes like cheddar cheese, which is surprisingly rare for a cheddar popcorn. This isn’t just another popcorn with a vaguely umami taste that often characterizes low quality. Instead, there’s a real tang of cheese, akin to what you might experience nibbling from a block itself. Bring it out when you’re trying to impress, or enjoy it with a glass of wine. White Cheddar Go Getter transforms popcorn into a gourmet affair, perfect for those sophisticated snack moments.

It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time

It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time is a testament to Double Good’s mastery in popcorn crafting, showcasing restraint in flavoring. Unlike other popcorns that are so drenched in chocolate you might lose the kernel, this one features a delicate, careful drizzle that packs with flavor without disguising the texture. Double Good has expertly drizzled white chocolate and peanut butter over their classic sweet and salty popcorn, creating a dessert-style treat.

The slight saltiness of the base kernels cuts through the sweetness, perfectly balancing the bag. It’s a great choice for children of all ages, including the grown-up ones. While these are just a few of our favorite flavors, there really are plenty more to try. The flavors at Double Good tend to be classic popcorn with a slight twist. If you’re looking for something really wild, you might not find it here, but if you believe that classics are classics for a reason, you’re sure to enjoy the offerings of Double Good.

Double Good Popcorn Review

What Alse Do Double Good Popcorn Do?

Beyond creating delicious popcorn, Double Good stands out for supporting a good cause. They offer unique fundraising opportunities for kids in need, helping them raise money for their dreams. This is not your traditional fundraiser; it’s easy, app-based, and allows users to keep 50% of the sales while doing minimal work. It’s not just about raising funds; it’s about having actual fun while doing it. Double Good also makes a sacrifice, ensuring that a significant portion of every dollar you spend goes towards these noble causes.

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Should You Try Double Good Popcorn?

When it comes to gourmet popcorn, many brands offer high promises and prices, but often with low results. If you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal?” it’s time to try Double Good and see how popcorn is done right. I recommend flavors like In Queso Fire, White Cheddar Go Getter, and for those with a sweet tooth, Peanut Butter Chocolate Time. Each snack puts a unique twist on chocolate popcorn. For the more adventurous palate, Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy is a must-try. With every handful, you’re not just enjoying a snack; you’re giving back to the community. Double Good truly is Double the Good in every sense.

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Double Good Popcorn transcends the typical snack experience with its diverse range of flavors and commitment to quality and community. Whether you’re a fan of classic tastes or seeking something more adventurous, Double Good has something to satisfy every palate. Their unique approach to combining delicious, high-quality popcorn with a heartwarming charitable cause adds an extra layer of satisfaction to each bite. From their humble beginnings to becoming a popcorn aficionado’s delight, Double Good not only pleases your taste buds but also contributes to a greater good. It’s more than just popcorn; it’s a snack with a purpose, making every kernel count in the most delightful way.

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